Yale Debate Question and Trials.

The annual debate with Yale will be held at New Haven on December 4 or 5. Yale submitted yesterday the question; "Resolved: That the history of trade unionism in the United States for the past twenty years shows a general tendency detrimental to the best interests of the country." Harvard will choose its side of this question on the evening of the final trial. The trials, in which any member of the University may compete, will be held on the evenings of Tuesday, October 27, Friday, October 30, and Monday, November 2, in the Fogg Lecture Room. At the first trial each man will be allowed to speak five minutes, and from twelve to fifteen men will be retained. At the second trial ten-minute speeches will be made, and six men retained. These six men will be divided by lot into two teams, which, at the final trial, will conduct a regular debate, with main speeches of twelve minutes and five minute rebuttals. The three men making the best showing in these final trials will constitute the Harvard team. The other three men will form a second team, from which the alternate will later be selected. To the man doing the best work through all the trials, the Coolidge prize of one hundred dollars will be awarded. The following men will serve as judges at the trials: Professor G. P. Baker '87, Mr. I. L. Winter '86, R. L. Lyman '03, S. R. Wrightington '97, R. T. Parke '98, I. Grossman '02.

Candidates will leave their names with J. Daniels '04, Thayer 13, by next Monday evening, and the order of speeches will be posted in Gore Hall on the following morning. Reference material has been selected by Mr. Briggs and put on the debating shelves in the reading room of Gore Hall.