Yale Plays West Point Today.

NEW HAVEN, CONN., Oct. 23.--The Yale University football team, after practice yesterday in signals and in the kick-off, left New Haven last evening, and spent the night at the Murray Hill Hotel, New York. Saturday morning the team will go to West Point, where it will be joined by the squad of substitutes.

In the game with West Point both Hogan and Kiuney will be in the first line-up, though neither is fully recovered from recent injuries, and the latter may not play throughout the game. Bloomer's injury on Wednesday has made necessary the substitution of Batchelder in his position. The Yale line-up will be: l.e., Rafferty; l.t., Kinney; l.g., Morton; c., Roraback; r.g., Batchelder; r.t., Hogan; r.e., Shevlin; q.b., Rockwell; l.h.b., Owsley; r.h.b., Metcalf; f.b., Bowman.