Basketball Practice.

Regular practice of the candidates for the University and class basketball teams was held in the Gymnasium Wednesday night. The class squads were divided into as many teams of five men each as possible, and each team played two halves, of fifteen and ten minutes in length, with another team made up of men from the same squad. Some time was also spent in the practice of throwing baskets.

The number of candidates has been increased to ninety-seven, of which only nine are Seniors. There are, however, a good many more Seniors in the University who have had experience in basketball, but who have not yet reported. It is absolutely necessary that these men come out tonight if the Senior team is to make a creditable showing in the class games next week.

R. T. Henshaw has been appointed temporary captain of the Senior team and H. R. Snyder of the Junior team. The first class game will be played on Monday between the Freshmen and Sophomores, the final championship game coming next Thursday. Just as soon as this series is over a University squad will be picked and practice began for the first game, to be played with Dartmouth at Hanover, on December 16.