Work of Swimming Teams.

The management of the swimming teams has made arrangements for the use of the Dunster tank by candidates for the relay swimming, water polo, and diving teams, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings between 8.30 and 9.30 o'clock. The Dunster tank is more suitable than the Craigie tank, where practice has hitherto been held, because of greater size.

At present much time is being taken in teaching the candidates the Trudgeon stroke. In most cases it is necessary for the men to change from strokes they have previously used, and this, of course, involves a somewhat slow development. In general the principal faults with the swimmers are that they do not keep their bodies straight, that they spread their arms too much, that their kick is not sufficiently powerful, and that their stroke is rough and unfinished rather than even and continuous.

For the present the relay men will be given practice in turning and starting as well as in swimming. As there is a spring-board at the Dunster tank the divers will be able to begin practice. Regular practice will be held at the tank at 8.30 o'clock this evening.