Second Yale Debate Trials.

The second trials to select the team which will debate against Yale in Cambridge on March 23 were held last night and resulted in the retention of the following six men: R. L. Lyman '03, M. Hale '03, I. Grossman 2L., S. Blaikie '03, F. B. Wagner 1L., E. M. Rabenold '04. The final trails will be held on Thursday at 8 o'clock. At theses trials the first three men mentioned above will support the affirmative against the three last mentioned, the question being the same as that of the regular debate with Yale. The three men then retained will form the team and the Coolidge prize of one hundred dollars will be awarded to the man who does the best work in the three trials.

The judges last night were Professor T. N. Carver, Mr. F. W. Dallinger '93, and Mr. Bruce Wyman '96.