The University Register.

The University Register for 1902-1903 will be put on sale at the book-stores tomorrow morning. It contains a record as athletic events, statistics, a register of nearly all University organizations, a directory of officials and students, with a classification by dormitories, and much miscellaneous information of value. The price is 50 cents.

Although the Register is published a month later this year than it was a year ago, it does not appear to have profited greatly by the delay. There are scarcely any new features, and the extension to the table of contents of the attempt to condense the book has resulted in a decided curtailment of usefulness. A number of organizations that would seem to deserve a place are omitted, and the lists of members of athletic teams are rendered of little use by the omission of initials. Carelessness in proof reading added to the other faults makes this edition a not very creditable copy of its predecessors.