Relay Teams Chosen.

The trials for the relay teams to compete in the B. A. A. meet on February 14, which were held last week resulted in the selection of the following teams:

For the race with Yale, each man to run six laps or 180 yards--E. C. Rust '04, captain, S. J. Curtis '05, W. G. Clerk '05, R. B. Walsh '05; substitutes, G. E. Behr 2G., W. A. Colwell 2G.

For the race with University of Pennsylvania, each man to run three laps or 390 yards--F. W. C. Foster '03, J. E. Haigh '04, M. T. Lightner '03, captain, W. A. Schick '05; substitutes, D. W. Howes '03, D. S. Greenough '03.

1903 class team--D. W. Howes, captain, D. S. Greenough, E. M. Ayres, R. P. Kernan; substitutes, R. Inglis or K. E. Adams, J. T. Doyle.

1904 class team--F. R. Bauer, captain; C. B. Marshall, A. Peterson, L. Grilk; substitutes, R. W. Kelso, E. C. Smith.

1905 class team--C. P. Whorf, captain, J. A. Powelson, L. W. Barnard, J. J. Moynihan; substitutes, F. J. Sulloway. H. R. Bolan.

1906 class team--R. J. Leonard, captain, M. Williams, M. G. Perkins, F. E. Shirk; substitutes, A. Williams, E. Q. Abbott.

All members of these teams must be registered by J. Frank Facey, 36 Prospect Street, Cambridgeport. Fee 25 cents. As the registration numbers are to be printed on the programme it will be necessary for each man to sent his registration number on a postal card to H. H. Holton, B. A. A., Exeter street, Boston, before Wednesday.