University Eight Practices Starts.--Four Has Time Row.

RED TOP, GALES FERRY, June 11.--The University crew had very light work today, both in the morning and in the afternoon. It consisted chiefly in practicing racing starts and in short spurts with a high stroke. Swaim took his regular place at bow this morning and Hartwell returned to bow in the four-oared. Later, however, Swaim was again laid off and Hartwell took his place. This afternoon the crew rowed a mile at a 35 stroke in fairly good form. The men, however, were less steady on their stretchers than yesterday and the day before, and the hitch between strokes was more in evidence, even with due allowance for the generally higher stroke. The four-oared had a time row this afternoon and covered the two-mile course in 11 minutes and 50 seconds. The stroke was 32 for the first mile and a half and 34 for the last half. Ober rowed at bow and Webster at 2.

The Freshmen rowed today in the same order as yesterday. Burchard has recovered from his slight injury and is expected to return to his regular seat at 7 tomorrow. Pleasonton is still a little rough after his absence, and is not yet rigged properly. The Freshmen, however, show some improvement and will probably show more when Pleasonton gets into form.