Museum Walk This Morning.

Under the auspices of the Natural History Society, Professor W. G. Farlow '66, of the Botanical Department, ex-president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, will lead a museum walk this morning to examine the cryptogamic botanical collections in the University Museum. Professor Farlow will begin the walk at the exhibitions in the first floor corridor, and after a brief review of the plant families belonging to the department of cryptogamic botany exhibited there, he will proceed to the private collections on the top floor and will describe the methods of arranging collections for the use of specialists. Continuing through the botanical laboratories, under the direction of Professor R. Thaxter, the party will be shown methods of cultivating bacteria and fungi.

In order that sufficient light may be had to view the small forms and delicately colored materials, it has been found necessary to choose a morning hour for the walk. Men wishing to take the walk will meet in the first floor hall of the middle entrance of the University Museum at 10 o'clock. The walk is open to all members of the University.