Remodelling of Thayer Hall.


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

One of the great reasons for the unpopularity of the Yard dormitories has been the lack of decent toilet and bathing facilities in them. The north entry of Thayer was no better than the other Yard buildings in this respect. There was but one shower bath room, and the only toilet room was in the basement. The interior of the entry has been so thoroughly gutted that there should be but little extra expense or labor required for the installation of an adequate toilet and bath room on each floor. Hot and cold running water also might well be provided for each suite. Electricity is far more convenient than gas, and when properly wired, safer. It could easily be put in.

Such changes would increase the desirability of the entry as a dormitory, and would keep people on the Yard who now drift to Mt. Auburn street. The University would be more than repaid for the outlay required by the increased value of the room rents. The renovation of the Yard dormitories must come sooner or later. The north entry of Thayer is a good place to begin. MT. AUBURN STREET RESIDENT.