Results of Princeton Debate Trial.

At the first trial held last night to select the team to debate against Princeton on March 28, 21 men spoke, and the following twelve were retained for the second trial: A. W. Blackwood '05, C. E. Burchenal 3L., W. H. Davis '05, S. J. Gilman 1L., W. O. Hubbard '05, M. Kabatchnick '06, B. V. Kanaley 1L., I. I. Mattuck '05, W. M. Shohl '06, A. Tulin 2L., W. Tyng '05, R. B. Walsh '05. These men will speak ten minutes each in the second trial, to be held in the New Lecture Hall Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock. The order of speaking will be posted in Gore Hall.