Two Provisional Four-Oars Formed. Important Changes in 1908 Crews.

Yesterday afternoon the University second crew was divided into two four-oars. The orders of these two crews are entirely provisional, neither having been definitely selected as the University four-oar. Last year the second and third crews were not broken up until June 2, but it has been thought expedient to pick the four-oars somewhat earlier this season.

Chase was again coxswain in the University eight in place of Montgomery, who took out one of the four-oars. There were no other changes in the University boat.

The four-oars rowed in the following order:

First crew--Stroke, Farley; 3, Corlett; 2, Kellogg; bow, Gill; cox., Montgomery.

Second crew--Stroke, Pleasonton; 3, Meier; 2, Bacon; bow, Lilly; cox., Wiener.

Freshman Rowing

Several important changes were made yesterday in the orders of the Freshman crews. Morgan, who has been unable to row for some time on account of an injury to his leg, returned to his former position at stroke in place of Onativia. Ball, who has been stroking the second boat, was tried at 2 instead of Despard, and Fahnestock, who has been rowing in the second crew, changed places with Comstock at 3 in the first boat.

The orders yesterday:

First crew--Stroke, Morgan; 7, Amberg; 6, Fish; 5, Warren; 4, Richardson; 3, Fahnestock; 2, Ball; bow, Wiggins; cox., Arnold.

Second crew--Stroke, Henry; 7, Edwards; 6, Boyer; 5, Mason; 4, Bacon; 3, Knowlton; 2, Despard; bow, Comstock; cox., Whitney.