Hammer Throw and Shot Put Records Broken.--Track Events Poor.

Exeter won the twentieth annual track meet of the New England Interscholastic Athletic Association, in the Stadium on Saturday, with a total of 51 points. The other schools scored as follows: Worcester Academy, 42 1-2; English High, 8; St. Mark's, 7; Springfield High, 5; Dedham High, 5; Roxbury Latin, 3; Medford High, 2; Boston Latin, 2; Volkmann's, 2; Concord High, 1 1-2; Lawrence High, 1; Andover, 1; Brookline High, 1;

In spite of the unusually favorable weather conditions, the time made in the track events was not especially fast. In the field events two new outdoor records were established. C. J. Hart of Phillips Exeter Academy put the 16-pound shot 42 ft., 7 1-2 in., breaking the former record of 42 ft. In the hammer throw P. T. Cooney of Exeter bettered the former record by three inches with a throw of 149 ft., 11 in.

The best individual performer was J.W. Mayhew of Worcester, who won four first places--in the 100-yard dash, 120-and 220-yard hurdles, and the broad jump. Of the track events the most closely contested was the 440-yard run. O'Brien of Exeter held the lead until within about two yards of the finish, when French of Worcester passed him, winning by a few inches.

The summary follows:

Track Events.

Mile run--Won by C. C. O'Connell, Dedham High; second, G. J. Porter, Exeter; third, W. D. Farrell, Worcester Academy; fourth, D. L. Tufts, Exeter. Time, 4m., 47 2-5s.

440-yard run--Won by C. M. French, Worcester Academy; second, W. D. O'Brien,. Exeter; third, J. E. Gibroy, Exeter; fourth, J. Shine, Lawrence High. Time, 51 2-5s.

120-yard hurdles--Won by J. W. Mayhew, Worcester Academy; second, W. M. Rand, Exeter; third, G. E. Stock, Springfield High; fourth, P. A. Reid, Worcester Academy. Time, 16s.

100-yard dash--Won by J. W. Mayhew, Worcester Academy; second, R. B. Burch, Exeter; third, J. R. King, Jr., Worcester Academy; fourth, V. F. West, Exeter. Time, 10 1-5s.

880-yard run--Won by R. W. Hitchcock, Exeter; second, J. S. O'Brien, Roxbury Latin; third, K. F. Coe, Medford High; fourth, C. A. Shirk, Worcester Academy. Time, 2m., 2 2-5s.

220-yard hurdles--Won by J. W. Mayhew, Worcester Academy; second, G. E. Stock, Springfield High; third, F. T. Kullberg, Boston Latin; fourth, K. D. Godfrey, Exeter. Time, 25 4-5s.

220-yard dash--Won by J. R. King, Jr., Worcester Academy; second, R. B. Burch, Exeter; third, J. W. Richmond, Exeter; fourth, C. M. French, Worcester Academy. Time, 22 2-5s.

Field Events.

Putting 16-pound shot--Won by C. J. Hart, Exeter; second, J. Bredemus, Exeter; third, R. L. Cooley, Worcester Academy; fourth, J. J. Norton, English High. Distance, 42 ft., 7 1-2 in.

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