Contents of the June Monthly

The contents of the current number of the Monthly are as follows: "Team Responsibility," by W. T. Reid, Jr., '01; "Jose," by C. H. Brown '05; "The Crest of the Wave," by O. Bates '05; "The Cloud of Youth," by S. Hale '05; "In Canon Largo," by P. P. Crosbie '05; "Dedication," by H. Hagedorn, Jr., '07; "Undergraduate Fiction," by W. R. Nelles '05; "Gretha, Daughter of Haldric," by R. E. Bates '05; "Poetry Dead," by J. H. Wheelock '08; "The Art of Arnold Bocklin," by J. H. Lathrop '05; "Night Song," by C. C. Washburn '05; "Harp-Play," by H. Hagedorn, Jr., '07; editorial: book notices.