Payment of the Tuition-Fee

Students are hereby reminded that the first instalment of the tuition-fee is required to be paid to the Bursar in advance, without the presentation of a bill, promptly at the beginning of the academic year; and that students who fall to make payment promptly are liable to the loss of University privileges until such time as they shall have arranged their financial relations with the University in a manner satisfactory to the Bursar.

The sum required at this time from most students is Ninety dollars; but a few Graduate and Special Students whose fees for partial work amount to less than that sum are required to pay in advance their entire tuition-fee for the academic year. The rules governing fees and their payment are to be found in the University Catalogue under the various department headings. Repoints of those rules may be obtained at the Bursar's office, where questions regarding them will be answered.

The Bursar's office is in Dane Hall. Hours 9 to 1. From September 25 to 29, inclusive, the office will be open from 9 to 5 daily.