Faculty Members Absent on Leave

The following officers of instruction and administration will be absent this year on leave: Dr. P. B. Marcou, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, Dr. Roland Thaxter, Professor of Cryptogamic Botany; Dr. R. F. Jackson, Assistant Professor of Palaeontology; Dr. A. C. Coolidge, Assistant Professor of History; Dr. F. L. Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Drawing and Machine Design; Dr. H. P. Bowditch, George Higginson Professor Physiology; Dr. J. I. Westengart, Assistant Professor of Law, and Dr. E. H. Strobel, Bemis Professor of International Law, for service in the Siamese government; Dr. C. H. Moore, Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin, who has been appointed professor at the American School of Classical Studies at Rome.

Professor I. N. Hollis will be absent during the first half year. Professor W. M. Davis will be absent for a few weeks, as he is at present the guest of the British Association at their annual meeting in South Africa. At this meeting the honorary degree of Doctor of Science has been conferred upon Professor Davis by the University of the Cape of Good Hope. Professor F. G. Peabody, Dean of the Faculty of Divinity, will be in Berlin for the firts half year.

As Professor H. C. G. von Jagemann is not yet sufficiently improved in health to take up his work this fall, his courses will be given by Professor Julius Goebel, formerly of Leland Stanford University, who has been engaged for one year as lecturer on Germanic Philology. Professor F. J. Stimson has recovered from his sickness of last year, and will, therefore, resume his duties this fall.