Scholarships to be Awarded

The scholarship of the Class of 1867, the Mary L. Whitney scholarship and one Crowninshield scholarship will be awarded to College Freshmen shortly after the beginning of the second half-year. The awards will be made on the quality of work done during the first half-year. Freshmen who have applied for Price Green leaf Aid at its second assignment will be considered candidates for these scholarships without further action on their part. Others must apply before Wednesday, January 24 to the Secretary of the Faculty, 5 University Hall, on blanks which may be obtained from him.

Two Joseph Eveleth scholarships, with an income of $200 each, will be awarded soon after the mid-year examinations to special students in the University, the awards being determined in the same way as in the scholarships mentioned above. Candidates must make application to the Secretary of the Faculty before January 24.