A Large Fall Clothing Collection

The clothing collection which has been taken by the Social Service Committee is the largest ever made in the fall. Over half a ton of clothing of all sorts, besides a ton and a quarter of books and magazines, have been received. Cases of clothing will be sent to the following charities and institutions: Cambridge Associated Charities; City Prison, New York; Morgan Memorial, Boston; Seaman's Friend Society, Boston; Spring Street Neighborhood House, New York City; St. James Parish House, North Cambridge; St. Vincent de Paul, South Boston; Tuskegee Institute, Alabama; Utica Normal and Industrial Institute, Mississippi; and in smaller cases to many individuals recommended by charitable institutions. The books and magazines were distributed among the following institutions: East Cambridge Jail; Holy Ghost Hospital, Cambridge; Morgan Memorial, Boston; Newspaper Hospital, Boston; Sherman Chapel, Marion, Nebraska; T Wharf Seaman's Reading Room, Boston.

The spring collection will be taken about the first of May, and men are requested to save until that time any clothing, books and magazines which they may be willing to give.