"Shulamite" by E. B. Knoblauch '96

The play entitled "The Shulamite," which will appear for the first time in Boston this evening, was written by Mr. E. G. Knoblauch '96. "The Shulamite," with Miss Lena Ashwell as leading lady, made its first appearance in London last May and ran successfully until the end of the year. Since then it has been given in several of the leading cities in this country, drawing large houses, especially in Chicago. Owing to its popularity it has been translated into French, German, Italian, Russian, and Hungarian. On her tour through South America this season Madame Duse will play the leading role in the Italian translation.

Mr. Knoblauch, while in College, figured prominently in the Cercle Francais. During the early attempts in the University in 1895 to revive the Elizabethan stage, he took successfully the part of the Orange Girl, in the audience. After his graduation Mr. Knoblauch went to London, where, with occasional returns to this country, he has occupied himself ever since as a playwright. He has recently written a play which Mr. H. B. Irving, son of the late Henry Irving, plans to present. Mr. Knoblauch will return to London shortly to make arrangements for the adaptation of a play for Yvette Guilbert, the French comedy artist.