Winners of Prizes and Deture and of First and Second Group Scholarships.

Following is a complete list of the winners of academic prizes and deturs for the year 1905-06, and of the holders of scholarships of the first and second groups for the current year:

Bowdoin Prizes.


Hyman Askowith '07, First Prize for Undergraduates.

Theodore Francis Jones '06, Second Prize for Undergraduates


Ernest Edgar Pierce '07, Latin Prose.

Boylston Prizes for Elocution.


James Woodbury Twombly '06.

James Arthur Harley '06.


Frederick William Newcomb '07.

Gilbert Julius Hirsch '07.

Allan Davis '07.

Pasteur Medal.

Allan Davis '07.

Coolidge Debating Prizes.

Gilbert Julius Hirsch '07.

Alexander Harold Elder '07.

Sargent Prize.

Charles Tripp Ryder '06.

George B. Sohier Prize.

Homer Howells Harbour '06.

Sales Prize.

Will Carson Ryan '07.

Bennett Prize.

Eugene Lloyd Sheldon '06.

Lloyd McKim Garrison Prize.

Robert Emmons Rogers '09.

Jeremy Belknap Prize.

Carlos Gallardo '09.

Second Year Honors in the Classics.

Ralph Maurice Corson '08.

Robert Vincent Cram '07.

Harold Gardner Dunning '08.

David Campbell Eipper '08.

Knower Mills '07.

William John Nagle '08.

Dwight Nelson Robinson '08.


Dunham Jackson '08.

Frederick Livesey '08.

Second-Year Honors in Mathematics.


Dunham Jackson '08.

Ray Dickinson Murphy '08.

Final Honors in the Classics.

Walter Houghton Freeman, A.B.

Ernest Edgar Pierce.

Gordon Woods Thayer.


Herbert Percy Arnold.

Otis Johnson Todd.

Frank Charles Wheeler.

Final Honors in Literature.

Milton Percival.

Walter Scott Mendel.


Herbert Percy Arnold.

Final Honors in English.

Henry Adams Bellows.


Homer Howells Harbour.

Final Honors in History and Government.

John Randall Arnold, Jr.

Percy Varney Norwood.

Robert Wilkinson Skinner, Jr.


Theodore Francis Jones.

Final Honors in Political Science.


Arthur Norman Holcombe.

John Wallace Plaisted, 2d.

Final Honors in Philosophy.


De Witt Henry Parker.

Final Honors in Fine Arts.


William Bell Dinsmoor.

Final Honors in Music.

Archibald Thompson Davison, Jr.

Arthur Merle Hurlin.

Carl Paige Wood.


CLASS OF 1907.

Louis Angell Babbitt.

Henry Bluestone.

Philip Carter Brown.

*Timothy Thomas Crowley.

Harrison Clifford Dale.

Maurice Gruenberg.

Charles William Hutchinson.

Roscoe Ellis Scott.

Harold Morton Tillinghast.

Samuel Monteflore Waxman.

Charles Edward Whitmore.

CLASS OF 1908.

Warren Wiley Cole.

Joseph Stancliffe Davis.

Oliver Whitcomb Hartwell.

Howard Lincoln Hassler.

Frederick Livesey.

Robert Tandler Mack.

Arthur Eli Monroe.

William John Nagle.

Dwight Nelson Robinson.

Lothar Emil Weber.

CLASS OF 1909.

Roy Wilson Follett.

Henry Raven Gilbert.

Charles Castner Lilly.

Alain Leroy Locke.

Oscar Gottfried Mayer.

Louis Mudge Nichols.

Cornelius Crosby Webster. Scholars of the First Group, 1906-07. S. L. Abrahams '07,  Price Greenleaf L. A. Babbitt '07,  Hodges H. Bluestone '07,  Bowditch F. A. Bonner '07,  Ruluff Sterling Choate P. C. Brown '07,  John Harvard W. W. Cole '08,  Bowditch *T. T. Crowley '07. H. C. Dale '07,  Bowditch J. S. Davis '08,  Price Greenleaf D. C. Eipper '08,  Price Greenleaf G. C. Evans '07,  Price Greenleaf I. B. Evans '08,  Price Greenleaf R. W. Follett '09,  Jacob Wendell S. T. Gano '07,  Charles Wyman H. R. Gilbert '09,  Bowditch M. Gruenberg '07,  Price Greenleaf C. H. Haring '07,  Price Greenleaf G. W. Harris '07,  John Harvard O. W. Hartwell '08,  Bowditch H. L. Hassler '08,  Levina Hoar D. H. Howie '07,  Class of 1856 H. Hurwitz '08,  Kirkland S. H. Hurwitz '08,  Price Greenleaf C. W. Hutchinson '07,  John Harvard D. Jackson '08,  Saltonstall F. W. Johnson '07,  Bowditch J. J. Kaplan '08,  Price Greenleaf C. C. Lilly '09,  11-18 Henry B. Humphrey H. W. Litchfield '07,  Richard Augustine Gambrill, Palfrey Exhibition F. Livesey '08,  William Samuel Eliot A. LeR. Locke '09,  Bowditch R. T. Mack '08,  John Harvard O. G. Mayer '09,  John Harvard A. E. Monroe '08,  Slade W. J. Nagle '08,  Bowditch L. M. Nichols '09,  Bowditch F. C. Nieweg '07,  John Harvard D. N. Robinson '08,  John Harvard W. C. Ryan '07,  Class of 1856 R. E. Scott '07,  Bowditch I. E. Sharfman '07,  Bowditch R. N. Shreve '08,  Farrar P. R. Temple '07,  Price Greenleaf H. M. Tillinghast '07,  Bowditch S. M. Waxman '07,  Bigelow L. E. Weber '08,  Bowditch C. C. Webster '09,  Bowditch C. E. Whitmore '07,  Matthews Scholars of the Second Group, 1906-07. J. Adams, Jr., '08,  George Emerson Lowell L. N. Alberts '09,  Bright E. S. Allen '09,  Bright C. Almy, Jr., '08,  Harvard College F. R. Appleton, Jr., '07,  Harvard College H. F. Arens '07,  Harvard College R. M. Arkush '07,  Harvard College H. Askowith '07,  C. L. Jones I. W. Bailey '07,  Burr A. L. Benshimol '07,  Harvard College C. Benton '07,  Lady Mowlson G. Blaney '07,  Harvard College R. R. Bradford '07,  Harvard College L. A. Braman '07,  Bassett J. H. Breck '07,  Harvard College C. Brinsmade '07,  Harvard College L. W. Brooke '09,  Dana, of the Class of 1852 G. Burt '08,  Harvard College C. W. Burton '08,  Harvard College W. M. Canaday '08,  Edward Russell G. Chandler '07,  C. L. Jones P. G. Clapp '09,  William Merrick J. B. Coolidge '08,  Bassett R. M. Corson '08,  Bowditch H. H. Crabtree '07,  7-18 Henry B. Humphrey A. Cravis '07,  Harvard College P. N. Crusius '09,  George Emerson Lowell W. H. Cunningham '08,  Burr C. M. Dane '07,  Harvard College A. Davis '07,  Harvard College N. F. Davis '09,  Harvard College P. W. Davis '08,  1-2 John Appleton Haven F. S. Dean '08,  Burr G. Dewey '09,  Harvard College F. R. Dick '07,  Harvard College I. Doughton '07,  Harvard College R. B. Dow '09,  Harvard College C. S. Downes '07,  Harvard College H. G. Dunning '07,  Harvard College P. L. Eaton '08,  Matthews T. Eaton '08,  Harvard College S. M. Edgell '07,  Harvard College L. F. Ellsbree '09,  Bassett G. J. Esselen, Jr., '09,  Harvard College E. M. Evarts '09,  Bright W. R. Fay '07,  Harvard College S. Feingold '07,  Walcott P. S. Fiske '07,  Class of 1835 R. C. Folsom '07,  Harvard College W. A. Forbush '07,  Walcott B. S. Foss '08,  Harvard College F. G. Foster '08,  Harvard College O. K. Fraenkel '08,  Harvard College H. S. Freedman '08,  Sales A. T. French '07,  Harvard College C. Gallardo '09,  Bright J. E. Gardner, Jr., '08,  Harvard College I. Gerber '07,  Harvard College P. L. Gile '07,  Bigelow H. Goepper '09,  Harvard College G. C. Good '09,  Bowditch R. B. Goodell '08,  Benjamin D. Greene L. Grandgent '09,  Harvard College F. E. Greene '07,  Rebecca A. Perkins L. Harrison '07,  Harvard College K. B. Hawkins '08,  Harvard College H. C. Hayes '07,  Bartlett N. Hedin '08,  Burr G. F. Hoysradt '09,  Bowditch E. B. Hughes '08,  1-2 John Appleton Haven W. E. Ingalis '07,  Harvard College A. H. Ives '07,  Henry Bromfield Rogers A. A. Jenkins '09,  Harvard College H. E. Johnson '08,  Bowditch K. S. Johnson '07,  Harvard College C. R. Joy '08,  Burr A. G. Kahn '07,  Harvard College S. L. Kahn '07,  Harvard College H. W. King '08,  Harvard College W. H. King, Jr., '08,  Class of 1814 R. L. Knowles '09,  Harvard College F. H. Lahee '07,  Harvard College R. D. Leonard '07,  Harvard College E. R. Lewis '08,  Harvard College C. W. Lippman '08,  Harvard College J. Loewenberg '09,  Sales L. O. Long '08,  Price Greenleaf Fund F. D. Lowrey '08,  Harvard College J. M. S. McDonald '08,  Harvard College C. W. Maish '07,  Harvard College A. L. Mayer '07,  Harvard College L. A. G. Miller '08,  Price Greenleaf Fund K. Mills '07,  Class of 1883 V. Minot '09,  Harvard College H. A. Mumma, '07,  Harvard College R. D. Murphy '08,  Sewall N. B. Nash '09,  Matthews N. C. Nash, Jr., '07,  Harvard College S. H. Newhall '07,  Story H. W. Nieman '08,  Harvard College E. E. Norman '07,  Dunlap Smith B. M. Nussbaum '08,  Harvard College J. B. O'Hare '08,  Julius Dexter J. P. O'Hare '08,  C. L. Jones L. B. Packard '09,  Bowditch H. W. Packer '07,  Harvard College R. T. Pausch '07,  Harvard College W. L. Phillips '08,  Harvard College E. E. Pierce '07,  Harvard College A. E. Pinanski '09,  Class of 1841 W. H. Pollak '07,  Class of 1828 H. E. Porter '09,  Harvard College E. C. Potter, Jr., '07,  Harvard College A. Prussian '08,  William Whiting S. E. Richardson '09,  Price Greenleaf Fund D. Rines '07,  Warren H. Cudworth F. N. Robinson '09,  Bright R. E. Rogers '09,  Lucy Osgood J. M. Rosenthal '09,  Hilton W. S. Sawyer '07,  Harvard College P. W. Saxton '08,  C. L. Jones F. Schenck '09,  Harvard College E. B. Sheldon '08,  Harvard College R. F. Sheldon '07,  Harvard College W. P. Sheppard '09,  Harvard College H. R. Shipherd '08,  Sewall F. Shoemaker '07,  Burr L. Simonson '09,  Harvard College E. W. Sinnott '08,  Harvard College D. O. Slater '08,  Orlando W. Doe C. L. Smith '07,  Class of 1817 M. E. Spear '09,  Price Greenleaf Fund S. T. Stackpole '07,  Harvard College E. B. Stern '07,  Harvard College J. B. Stetson, Jr., '07,  Harvard College G. B. Stevens '07,  Harvard College E. B. Strassburger '08,  Harvard College R. L. Sweet '08,  Harvard College H. Taylor '07,  Harvard College S. Thomson '08,  Harvard College F. A. Thomson '09,  Bowditch V. H. Todd '07,  C. L. Jones P. D. Turner '09,  Harvard College M. de S. Verdi '08,  Harvard College Q. W. Wales '07,  Harvard College R. J. Walsh '07,  C. L. Jones P. D. White '08,  Class of 1877 T. H. Wilson '07,  Hollis B. M. Woodbridge '07,  Markoe M. I. Woody '07,  Harvard College J. B. Worcester '09,  Howard Gardner Nichols *Died September 1, 1906.