College Entrance Board Examinations

In a circular of the Committee on Admission, published today, it is announced that the examinations of the College Entrance Examination Board specified below may be substituted for the regular Harvard examinations. These substitutions are in addition to the list published in the CRIMSON of January 17.

For the Harvard elementary Chemistry examination (2 points), the Board examination in Chemistry. The candidate will be required to take a laboratory examination in Cambridge not later than the autumn of the year in which he enters College. He will also be required to present, at the time of this examination, a note-book in which he has recorded the steps and results of his laboratory exercises; and this note-book must bear the endorsement of his teacher, certifying that the notes are a true record of the pupil's work.

For the Harvard advanced Latin examination (2 points), the following Board examinations in Latin-(1) prose composition(advanced); (P) advanced sight translation of prose; (q) sight translation of poetry. These must be offered the same year.

A candidate may, however, substitute, in any one year, the following Latin examinations of the Board for both elementary and advanced Latin-(d) Virgil's Aeneid, books I-VI; (1) prose composition (advanced); (p)advanced sight translation of prose; (q) sight translation of poetry. A candidate offering the papers of this group, who is unable to secure a pass in both elementary and advanced Latin, may yet show knowledge sufficient to receive a pass in elementary Latin.