Result of Novice Fencing Tournament

In the open novice fencing tournament held by the Fencers' Club in the Gymnasium last night cups were awarded to the following men: first, H. A. Fleming, St. James Fencing Club; second, O. B. McLaughlin, St. James Fencing Club; third, E. V. Sherwin '07.

The entrants were divided into two squads, in which each man fought every other and the two winners in each squad competed in the finals. Most of the matches were very close, and it was necessary to fight an extra period in several of the bouts. Fleming excelled in form and was extremely swift in attack.

The judges were P. H. Faukner 2L., W. MacLeod 2L., H. A. Hirsch 2L., R. E. Gish '07, W. F. Low '07, A. Tying sS., A. A. Dole '07 was timekeeper and W. F. Low '07 referce.