H. D. A. Nominations for Directors

The following men have been nominated for directors of the Harvard Dining Association: from the College and Scientific School, E. R. Brumley '07, M. C. Clapp '07, R. S. Eustis '07, L. B. Robinson '07, M. C. Ware '07, R. M. Dewey '08, G. James '08, A. S. Locke '07, and A. P. Loring '09; from the Graduate School, J. S. Galbraith 2G., W. M. Barrows 1G., and L. Carroll 1G.; from the Divinity School, H. G. Arnold 1D.; and from the Law School, S. B. Larrabee 3L., G. B. Francis 2L., W. A. Monten 2L., R. E. Hollingshead 1L., J. W. Plaisted 1L., H. R. Snyder 1L., and J. deR. Storey 1L. Of these men three will be chosen from the College and Scientific School, one from the Graduate School, one from the Divinity School, and two from the Law School.