In the Stadium at 2.45.--Harvard Weak in Field Events, Strong on the Track.

The dual track meet with Dartmouth will be held in the Stadium this afternoon at 2.45 o'clock. This meet will be the first dual track contest with Dartmouth, and from some of the recent exhibitions of the Dartmouth track team, it promises to be close.

It is especially difficult this year to predict with any degree of accuracy the result of the meet. Dartmouth men took part in the Pennsylvania relay carnival in April and thus have the advantage of outside competition, while the Harvard team can be judged only by the results of the handicap and interclass games.

The field events will probably prove to be Harvard's weakest point, especially the high and broad jumps. The hurdlers also have been somewhat handicapped by their inability to begin actual work until late in the season. The University team should have the advantage on the track, however, the outcome of the two-mile run probably being most doubtful. The members of the University team had no practice yesterday and are in excellent condition for the meet. Points for first, second, and third places will be counted 5, 3 and 1 respectively. Silver and bronze medals will be awarded for first and second places.

The list of entries is as follows:

Track Events.

120-yard hurdles--Harvard: C. Brinsmade '07, W. M. Rand '09, O. F. Rogers, Jr., '08, J. F. Doyle '07. Dartmouth: A. B. Shaw '08, F. T. Kulberg '09, J. H. Gray '08.

100-yard dash--Harvard: L. P. Dodge '08, F. J. W. Ford 3L., E. D. Hamilton '06, P. C. Lockwood '07. Dartmouth: G. L. Swasey '06, J. H. Jordan '07, F. E. Foster '07, W. B. Evans '08, D. Watson '09, V. F. West '09.

220-yard hurdles--Harvard: J. F. Doyle '07, B. L. Young '07, O. F. Rogers, Jr., '08, C. Brinsmade '07. Dartmouth: A. B. Shaw '08, J. H. Gray 08, F. T. Kulberg '09, A. Brown '07.

220-yard dash--Harvard: L. P. Dodge '08, E. J. Dives '06, P. C. Lockwood '07, P. Edwards '08. Dartmouth: G. L. Swasey '06, J. H. Jordan '07, F. E. Foster '07, W. B. Evans '08, D. Watson '09, R. P. Prichard '07.

440-yard dash--Harvard: E. J. Dives '06, J. S. O'Brien '09, M. B. Van Brunt '08. Dartmouth: W. B. Evans '08, P. H. Chase '07, A. Rose '09, R. P. Prichard '07, G. L. Swasey '06.

880-yard run--Harvard: H. H. Whitman '06, A. S. Cobb '07, A. Dana '06, S. H. Bush 1G. Dartmouth: H. D. Thrall '06, W. Jennings '08, G. E. Shipley '09, A. Rose '09, R. L. Carns '08, R. P. Pritchard '07.

One-mile run--Harvard: W. Minot '07, H. M. Turner '06, S. T. Hubbard, Jr., '07, R. P. Boyer '07, W. H. Appleton '06, H. F. Hadden '09. Dartmouth: H. L. Walker '09, G. E. Shipley '09, P. M. Chase '06, R. L. Carns '08, H. F. Whittemore '06, D. W. Hiestand '07.

Two-mile run--Harvard: M. H. Stone '07, A. King 3L., M. S. Crosby '08, W. G. Howard '07, H. W. King '08, C. J. Jackman sL. Dartmouth: H. L. Walker '09, G. E. Shepley '09, P. M. Chase '06, R. L. Carns '08, H. F. Whittemore '06, D. W. Hiestand '07.

Field Events.

Running high jump--Harvard: P. M. Clark 2L., G. E. Roosevelt '09, E. J. Ford 2L., R. E. Somers '08. Dartmouth: J. H. Gray '08, M. M. Follansbee '09, H. R. Blythe '07, A. Brown '07.

Running broad jump--Harvard: F. J. W. Ford 3L., W. B. Jordan '06, R. K. Stoddard '06, J. Kerans '07, W. S. Macdonald '06. Dartmouth: H. R. Blythe '07, A. Brown '07, J. H. Gray '08, R. B. Patterson '09, A. B. Shaw '08.

Pole vault--Harvard: A. Tyng 2G., A. G. Grant '07, R. B. Gring '06, P. R. Carpenter '07, T. C. Defriez '09. Dartmouth: F. B. Hazen '07, H. R. Blythe '07, D. Parkinson '08.

Shot put--Harvard: B. T. Stephenson '08, W. A. Hanley '07, R. H. Townsend '09, J. Palmer 1L. Dartmouth: H. C. Storrs '07, J. W. Gage '07, H. C. Blake '07.

Hammer throw--Harvard: H. E. Kersburg '06, R. H. Oveson 1L., H. M. Gilmore '08. Dartmouth: J. W. Gage '07.


The officials for the games will be:

Referee--G. B. Morison '83.

Marshal--W. F. Garcelon L.'95.

Judges--J. L. Bremer '96, J. W. Hallowell '01, E. K. Hall, D., I. J. French, D., L. G. Hodgkins, D.

Timers--S. M. Merrill '94, N. W. Bingham '95, C. E. Bolser, D., E. M. Hopkins, D.

Starter--H. C. McGrath.

Field Judges--E. H. Clark '96, A. N. Rice '00, E. C. Potter, D., C. G. McDavitt, D.

Measurers--C. S. Tilden '98, F. W. Bird '04, J. H. Wentworth, D., A. Marshall, D.

Inspectors--J. E. Haigh '03, W. A. Colwell '02, P. Dana '04, F. H. Bigelow '98, S. Chase, D., P. F. Drew, D., J. W. Bartlett, D., J. C. O'Connor, D., G. E. Dow, D.

Managers--D. S. Waring, D., W. G. Graves '06.

Clerk of Course--J. J. Rowe '07.

Assistant Clerks of Course--H. Foster '07, J. T. Gilman, D.

Scorers--S. K. Becker '06, J. H. Ijams '07.

Announcer--L. I. Neale '06.

Forecast for the Games.

In the 100-yard dash Swasey of Dartmouth, who has been timed at 9 4-5s., several times during the past two years, should win first place. L. P. Dodge '08 is certain of second place, if not first, as he has done the distance in 10s. flat. Third place will lie among P. C. Lockwood '07 and Jordan and Foster of Dartmouth.

L. P. Dodge '08 should have no difficulty in winning the 220-yard dash, and the second and third places will be closely contested by E. J. Dives and Lockwood and Swasey of Dartmouth.

The 440-yard dash should be won by Dives, who did 51 2-5s. flat last Friday against a strong wind. J. S. O'Brien '09 will be a close second and Rose of Dartmouth should win third.

In the half-mile Thrall of Dartmouth is conceded first place. Thrall is a consistent runner and holds the Dartmouth record for the distance of 1m. 57 3-5s. H. H. Whitman will probably win second and Shipley or Jennings of Dartmouth third.

The mile run should be won by W. Minot '07, who has made the fast time of 4m. 28 4-5s. H. M. Turner '06 has a good chance for second and third will be won by Dartmouth, with Shipley, Carns or Whittemore. In the two-mile run Dartmouth should have little difficulty in securing all three places.

Shaw of Dartmouth will probably win first place in both hurdles. He has done the 220 in 26s. and the 120 in 16s. Gray of Dartmouth ought to win second place at the longer distance, as he has recently run in 26 2-5s, under poor conditions. J. F. Doyle '07 has a chance for third place. In the 120-yard hurdles second and third places will lie between Gray of Dartmouth and C. Brinsmade '07, both 16 1-5s. men.

In the field events the University team is weak in the high and broad jumps. First and second places in the high jump will rest between P. M. Clark 2L. and Follansbee of Dartmouth, with G. E. Roosevelt '09 a possible third.

The broad jump should be won by Gray of Dartmouth. R. K. Stoddard '06 will probably take second, his best record being 20 ft., 9 in. Brown of Dartmouth can do nearly as well.

In the shot-put Harvard is expected to win first and second places with B. T. Stephenson '08 first, who has reached in competition 43 ft., 6 1-2 ins., and W. A. Hanley '07 second. Third place will probably be taken by Storrs of Dartmouth.

Hazen of Dartmouth, with a record of 11 ft., 6 in., is practically certain of first place in the pole vault, second and third will go to A. S. Grant '06 and Blythe or Parkinson of Dartmouth.

The hammer throw should be Harvard's event, with H. E. Kersburg '06 in first place, and R. H. Oveson 1L. second. Gage of Dartmouth may win third. In this event Kersburg has thrown 131 ft. in competition, and over 145 ft. in practice