Order of Commencement Procession

The order of the Commencement procession has been announced as follows:

Candidates for the degrees: A.B., S.B., C.E., M.E., Met.E., A.M., S.M., Ph.D., S.D., B.A.S., D.M.D., M.D., LL.B., S.T.B.; the President, Fellows of the Corporation, the honorable and reverend the Board of Overseers, the Governor of the Commonwealth, the Lieutenant-Governor of the Commonwealth, the Governor's military staff, Deans of the Faculties as follows: Harvard College, Arts and Sciences, Bussey Institution, Law School, Lawrence Scientific School, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Dental School, Medical School, Divinity School, professors in the University, associate professors, assistant professors, other members of Faculties, other permanent officials, former members of the Corporation and Overseers, former professors in the University, trustees of the Hopkins, Loan, and Sanders Funds, ministers in Old Cambridge Churches and preachers to the University, Presidents of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Tufts College, Boston College, Episcopal Theological School, New Church Theological School, St. John's Ecclesiastical Seminary, Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education, United States Senators and Representatives, officers of the army and navy of the United States, Sheriffs of Suffolk and Middlesex, Judges of the Courts of the Commonwealth and of the United States, Mayors of Boston and Cambridge, officers of other universities, colleges, holders of honorary degrees of Harvard University, alumni of not less than twenty-five years' standing, by classes.