Senior Class Occupations

The following is a list of the Senior Class, with the occupations which they will severally take up after leaving College:

Abbot, E. Q., law.

Ach, L. R., business.

Ackerman, P. C., medicine.

Ahrene, A., teaching.

Alden, H. K., civil engineering.

Aldred, F. W., teaching.

Ames, C. L., teaching.

Amory, R. Jr., mechanical engineering.

Andrews, H. L., dentistry.

Andrus, L. A., civil engineering.

Anthony, W., undecided.

Appel, J. W., Jr., undecided.

Appleton, W. H., undecided.

Arnold, J. R., teaching.

Bailey, J. O., law.

Baker, E. H., Jr., undecided.

Baker, G. K., law.

Barbour, T., biology.

Barrett, H. J., glass business.

Barrow, E. F., real estate.

Barry, J. L., law.

Bartholomew, D., advertising.

Beach, R. W., medicine.

Beall, C. H., teaching.

Becker, S. K., engineering.

Beebe, M. C., architecture.

Bell, J. W., silversmith.

Bellamy, P., newspaper business.

Bellows, H. A., magazine work.

Bergson, S., electrical engineering.

Blagden, A. C., law.

Blake, W. H., mining engineering.

Blanchard, E. B., business.

Bloomfield, L., teaching.

Boericke, W. F., assaying.

Boggs, G. R. J., law.

Bonelli, E. H., real estate.

Booth, S. B., student.

Borden, R. H. R., drug business.

Bowers, G. F. H., medicine.

Boyd, J. T., Jr., architecture.

Brackett, Q. A., electrical engineering.

Bradbury, W. F., teaching.

Bradley, J. D. C., undecided.

Brainard, G. H., business.

Brennick, H. E., teaching.

Bridgman, B., publishing business.

Briggs, J. DeQ., teaching.

Brinkman, H. A., drug business.

Brock, S. F. T., undecided.

Brown, F. A., chemistry.

Brown, H. Q., teaching.

Brown, R. W., teaching.

Brown, W. A., law.

Brownell, B. G., dry goods business.

Bryant, E. S., forestry.

Bucke, J. H., electrical engineering.

Burchard, L., business.

Burlingham, C., law.

Burnett, G. H., undecided.

Burns, A. H., mining engineering.

Burns, J. L., law.

Burns, T. F., student.

Burns, T. R., undecided.

Burr, I. T., Jr., undecided.

Burr, W. F., agriculture.

Buttrick, H. I., teaching.

Butz, R. O., law.

Byrnes, E. F., law.

Cabot, S., Jr., business.

Campbell, P. S., law.

Carleton, C. R., law.

Carleton, P. W., chemistry.

Carr, W. Z., undecided.

Carver, S. M., chemistry.

Castle, A. L., law.

Castleman, P., chemistry.

Cate, S. R., business.

Catlin, E., Jr., glass business.

Chadbourne, F. M. brokerage.

Champney, G. M., architecture.

Chandler, H. D., undecided.

Chase, G. H., insurance.

Cheney, F. G., medicine.

Clapp, W. F., telephone business.

Clark, D. W., architectural draughting.

Clark, J. V., undecided.

Clark, L. W., Jr., law.

Clarke, R. H., law.

Clements, E. T., ministry.

Cobb, C., undecided.

Coburn, H. B., civil engineering.

Cogswell, E. S., business.

Cogswell, W. C., law.

Cohen, A., railroading.

Colpitt, E. R., teaching.

Conner, M. V., business.

Converse, H. L., drafting.

Cook, A. M., medicine.

Coventry, G., undecided.

Coughlin, C. D., law.

Cox, G. R., Jr., brokerage.

Cox, P. W. L., teaching.

Craig, C. R., civil engineering.

Cropley, R. E., business.

Cross, E., architecture.

Crum, A. P., law.

Cunningham, T. E., medicine.

Currier, F. E., teaching.

Curtin, J. F., business.

Cushman, G. A., teaching.

Cutler, E. L., coal business.

Dana, A., engineering.

Darwin, C. B., carpet business.

Davol, C. D., railroading.

Delano, L., undecided.

Demick, C. H., business.

Diamond, H. H., civil engineering.

Dinsmoor, W. B., architecture.

Diserens, R. C., undecided.

Ditmars, H. E., engineering.

Dives, E. J., drug business.

Dodge, C. R., railroading.

Dole, R. M., business.

Donlan, M. S., teaching.

Dorgan, M. J., law.

Dorman, T. B., dry goods business.

Drury, W. C., undecided.

Dyar, C. B., undecided.

Eastland, T. B., business.

Eaton, J. H., civil engineering.

Eldridge, J. I., teaching.

Eliot, J. D., business.

Ellenbogen, A., law.

Ellis, P. V. R., undecided.

Ellsworth, G. L., law.

Embry, H. W., lumber business.

Emerson, W. F., business.

Emmons, R. B., railroading.

Esselen, W. B., business.

Evans, R. T., student.

Everett, S. B., paint business.

Faber, H. K., medicine.

Fargo, W. P., undecided.

Farley, F., law.

Farnham, H. S., engineering.

Farrelly, T. S., publishing business.

Farron, S., dyeing business.

Feeney, W. R., banking.

Field, G. H., undecided.

Finberg, E., teaching.

Fitz, R., medicine.

Fleischner, H. E., business.

Flint, H. A., chemistry.

Flint, P. W., manufacturing.

Foerster, R. F., undecided.

Fopiano, A. B., law.

Foss, J. O., business.

Foster, A. N., ministry.

Franklin, W. S., Jr., undecided.

Freeman, W. H., student.

French, N. B., business.

Frye, J. H., lumber business.

Fuller, A. C., business.

Fuller, E. M., law.

Gallagher, R. M., teaching.

Garceau, H. E., medicine.

Gardner, E. D., medicine.

Garfield, W. T., medicine.

Geeson, A. B., architecture.

Gibson, W. H., Jr., publishing.

Gifford, E., jewelry business.

Gilbert, F., Jr., lumber business.

Gilbert, L. F., law.

Gill, A. G., mining.

Gilson, A. P., undecided.

Ginsberg, E. B., law.

Goldberg, L. I., ministry.

Goodhue, F. A., law.

Gordon, S., music.

Gowen, R. F., electrical engineering.

Grant, E. L., law.

Grant, R., business.

Graves, W. G., law.

Greeley, R. P., medicine.

Greene, B. D. M., undecided.

Greenwald, H. M., chemistry.

Grey, F. H., music.

Griffiths, R. F., mining engineering.

Guild, R., business.

Gutman, M. C., business.

Haffin, L. L., manufacturing.

Hale, A. W., lumber business.

Hale, R. L., law.

Hall, H. M., journalism.

Hamilton, E. deP., chemistry.

Hammoth, R. F., forestry.

Hammond, P. L., real estate.

Hammond, R. M., real estate.

Hanrahan, C. M., business.

Harbour, H. H., teaching.

Harrington, C. P., banking.

Harters, H. H., teaching.

Harrington, C. P., banking.

Harters, H. H., undecided.

Hartsoch, R. E., teaching.

Hartwell, W. E., Jr., chemistry.

Hatch, R. C., ministry.

Hawkins, W. V., undecided.

Haynsworth, C. F., law.

Head, N. S., banking.

Healy, H. L., teaching.

Hellman, R. R., medicine.

Henneberry, W. P., Jr., publishing business.

Hayman, G. D., advertising business.

Hibbard, C. B., manufacturing.

Hicks, L. S., law.

Hinckley, J., undecided.

Hobbs, I. J., law.

Hofeller, E. D., business.

Hoffman, L. H., undecided.

Hoff, R. H., manufacturing.

Holcomb, A. N., business.

Holland, C. W., civil engineer.

Hollingsworth, V., manufacturing.

Holmes, H. McI., law.

Holmes, W. Chapin, undecided.

Holmes, W. Cornelius, chemistry.

Hood, J. W., ministry.

Hovey, C. F., business.

Howard, W. J., Jr., medicine.

Howland, E. M., clerk.

Hughes, R. W., teaching.

Hurlin, A. M., undecided.

Hutchinson, A. E., undecided.

Hyde, D. C., horticulture.

Ingram, C. E., fire insurance.

Irving, F., undecided.

Jenckes, E. N., Jr., undecided.

Jokcel, F. W., Jr., law.

Johnson, E. N., Jr., undecided.

Jokcel, F. W., Jr., law.

Johnson, D. E., undecided.

Johnson, R., publishing business.

Johnson, W. R., Jr., business.

Jones, C., teaching.

Jones, E. W., banking.

Jones, T. F., teaching.

Jopling, M. W., electrical engineering.

Jordan, R., banking.

Jordan, W. B., business.

Joslin, J. D., railroading.

Judd, A. C., engineering.

Kabatchnick, M., law.

Kahn, W. N., merchant.

Kuntz, H., journalism.

Keith, E., mechanical engineering.

Kelley, N., law.

Kellogg, F. S., medicine.

Kellogg, H. F., architecture.

Kempner, C., banking.

Kersburg, H. E., mining engineer.

Ketchum, P., law.

King, C., architecture.

King, E. D., undecided.

Kinsley, A. D., banking.

Kober, P. A., chemistry.

Kohler, C. W., chemistry.

Langmaid, S. I., business.

Langmann, O. F., architecture.

Lozams, I. H., dentistry.

Lazarus, L., law.

Lazenby, J. R., business.

Lee, C. C., student.

Lehman, A. J., travelling salesman.

Leland, A., Jr., banking.

Leland, B. T., shoe machinery.

Leman, S. D., law.

Leonard, G. S., undecided.

Levy, B. A., law.

Lewis, C. I., teaching.

Lewin, J. B., Jr., mining engineering.

Libby, M. A., U. S. Navy.

Lincoln, H. L., electrical engineering.

Litchfield, M. H., mechanical engineering.

Loewenthal, W., law.

Loomis, C. D., architecture.

Lord, H. S., undecided.

Lord, R. H., ministry.

Lounsbery, R., banking.

Lupien, U. J., engineering.

Lutz, R. H., shoe manufacturing.

Lyman, J. O., business.

Lyon, H. S., law.

McBurney, M., medicine.

McClure, G. T., engineering.

McCormick, W. J., law.

McCrery, J. A., surgery.

McCutcheon, V. H., law.

McFadon, D., lumber business.

MacIntyre, E. T., librarian.

MacInter, S., civil engineering.

Mackay, R. J., banking.

Macomber, D., medicine.

Magruder, A. R., undecided.

Malcolm, S. D., banking.

Manahan, T. R., chemistry.

Mandigo, C. R., civil engineering.

Manay, B. E., undecided.

Mark, C., manuacturing.

Markell, J. L., banking.

Mather, O. L., teaching.

Mattison, J., undecided.

Mendel, W. S., law.

Merrill, A. R., law.

Merrill, B., Jr., undecided.

Merrill, R., U. S. Army.

Metcalf, W. W., business.

Middleton, C. P., broker.

Miehan, L. J. G., anthropology.

Miller, H. L., manufacturing.

Miller, L. A., life insurance.

Mills, H. W., advertising business.

Mitchell, C., undecided.

Moffatt, G. T., accounting.

Monro, C., chemistry.

Montgomery, J. R., business.

Moore, L. A., lumber business.

Moore, L. W., business.

Morgan, C. D., undecided.

Moriarty, G. A., Jr., ministry.

Morton, F. J., law.

Moses, P. L., electrical engineer.

Mullin, H. J., business.

Mulroy, J. T., social work.

Murdock, J., Jr., forestry.

Murphy, F. W., chemistry.

Muzzey, F. S., banking.

Mydans, M. I., real estate.

Myers, D. P., diplomatic service.

Neale, L. I., undecided.

Nesmith, F. H., law.

Newald, A. M., law.

Newell, L. S., undecided.

Newhall, D. A., business.

Nichols, J. D., undecided.

Nichols, J. R., civil engineering.

Noonan, W. A., medicine.

Norwood, P. C., teaching.

Noyes, P. H., law.

Nutter, W. J., law.

Nye, W. H., telephone business.

O'Sullivan, C. J., teaching.

Page, M. J., mining.

Paine, H. W., journalism.

Palmer, M. B., medicine.

Parker, A. A., business.

Parker, DeW. H., teaching.

Parker, H. W., manufacture of shoe leather.

Parker, W. S., medicine.

Parks, R. E., wholesale grocery business.

Patlen, P. J., undecided.

Paull, H. M., chemist.

Payson, R., law.

Peabody, J. D., law.

Pearson, D. A., ministry.

Percival, M., teaching.

Perkins, A. H., mining engineering.

Perry, A., Jr., undecided.

Perry, E. R., librarian.

Peters, G. G., banking.

Pettengill, G. I., teaching.

Peyser, S. M., undecided.

Pierce, R. E., undecided.

Pierce, T. F., railroading.

Pierpont, H. T., oil business.

Pitkin, C. L., architecture.

Plaisted, J. W., 2nd., law.

Platts, H. C., technical chemistry.

Pleasonton, F. R., mechanical engineering.

Pomeroy, H. K., undecided.

Poor, C. H., Jr., law.

Poor, R. M., banking.

Porter, C. W., architecture.

Porter, M. R., chemist.

Pottinger, D. T., teaching.

Potts, R. F., undecided.

Pouleur, A. L., chemist.

Poulterer, W. T., telephone inspector.

Pratt, H. r., wool business.

Preston, S. D., undecided.

Proctor, C. D., draughting.

Proctor, G. W., business.

Read, H. T., undecided.

Reed, C. R., teaching.

Reggio, A. N., real estate.

Reid, W. D., medicine.

Risley, A. L., undecided.

Robbins, E. B., life insurance.

Roberts, S. W., ministry.

Roth, E., Jr., engineering.

Rowland, H. H., ministry.

Rowley, H. E., wholesale grocery.

Rundle, B. S., student.

Russell, J. W., law.

Ryder, C. T., medicine.

Sabine, W., law.

Sampliner, M. L., law.

Savage, T. F., ministry.

Savory, E. E., Portland cement business.

Sawyer, F. H., teaching.

Sawyer, H. B., wool business.

Schaefer, A. A., law.

Schoonmaker, O., ministry.

Schmidt, W. H., business.

Schrader, F. W. von., law.

Scott, C. P., railroading.

Seiffert, O. H., lumbering.

Seift, H. A., student.

Seldownridge, H. G., undecided.

Sharon, A. H., law.

Shaw, H. S., Jr., undecided.

Shaw, J. D., landscape architecture.

Shepard, R. A., lumbering.

Sherwin, E. G., teaching.

Shohl, W. M., law.

Shick, F. E., hardware business.

Shurtleff, H. R., undecided.

Sicha, F., Jr., teaching.

Siddall, J., electrical engineering.

Silver, J. H., electric railroading.

Simard, M. O., law.

Skene, H. V., architecture.

Skinner, R. W., Jr., law.

Sloan, T. D., law.

Sloper, L. A., undecided.

Smith, H. C., engineering.

Smith, H. W., business.

Smith, R. L., lumbering.

Smith, S. B., mining.

Smith, W. M., teaching.

Smither, R. N., electrical engineering.

Snow, C., teaching.

Soule, A. W., banking.

Soule, L. P., undecided.

Soule, W., architecture.

Spencer, T. G., electrical engineering.

Spencer, W. A., electrical engineering.

Sperry, R. E., business.

Spinden, H. J., teaching.

Squires, B. H., teaching.

Stanton, E., Jr., publishing business.

Stanwood, R. R., architecture.

Stephenson, B. K., undecided.

Stern, S. W., business.

Stetson, J. B., Jr., hat manufacturing.

Stickney, W. W., architecture.

Storims, M., grain business.

Strauss, L., merchant.

Strauss, M. J., business.

Sullivan, J. T., journalism.

Sullivan, R. T., electrical engineering.

Southerland, C. H., business.

Swift, F. H., manufacturing.

Swiggett, D. W., teaching.

Taft, W. A., Jr., export lumbering.

Taylor, F. C., law.

Taussig, K., undecided.

Terhune, H. L., undecided.

Thayer, G. W., teaching.

Tibbetts, R. E., law.

Tilney, M. L., brokerage and banking.

Titcomb, S., law.

Todd, O. J., teaching.

Towne, E. B., undecided.

Townsend, G. C., journalism.

Trieber, H. M., law.

Trimble, J. R., teaching.

Turner, H. M., civil engineering.

Veenfliet, A. F. law.

Vidaud, E. W., business.

Vinal, W. G., teaching.

Waldo, C. S., Jr., undecided.

Wallace, C., business.

Walsh, C. B., teaching.

Walsh, F. M., undecided.

Ware, C. E. Jr., undecided.

Warren, H. L. undecided.

Warner, J. E., law.

Warren, P. L., law.

Washburn, H. C., undecided.

Watkins, T. W., teaching.

Watts, R. H., teaching.

Webster, F. D., law.

Wertheim, M., publishing.

West, J. B., Jr., undecided.

Wheeler, F. C., teaching.

Wheelwright, R., landscape architecture.

White, A. L., law.

White, L. W., brokerage and banking.

Whiting, M. T., engineering.

Whitney, F. S., business.

Whitney, T. T., Jr., dealer in securities.

Whitman, H. H., banking.

Williams, M., wool business.

Williams, W., undecided.

Wilson, H. K., civil engineering.

Wolfman, N., law.

Wood, C. P., music.

Woodbridge, R. S., banking.

Whitcomb, K. M., business.

Wye, P. E., teaching.