Union Spread Today

The second annual Union Spread will be held today on the lawn south of the building, which will be decorated with Japanese lanterns. Supper will be served between 6 and 8 o'clock, but no tables will be reserved. There will be informal dancing throughout the evening in the Living Room beginning at 8 o'clock. The ladies' dressing rooms will be upstairs. The entrances and exits will be by the gate on Harvard street and by the main door. No one who is eligible for membership may be introduced.

Tickets, at $1 each, may be obtained at the office until 5.30 o'clock. In case of rain, the ladies' entrance will be used instead of the entrance on Harvard street.

Today the Union will be open to ladies accompanied by members and ladies will be admitted for luncheon to the main dining room. After 5.30 o'clock only those holding tickets to the spread will be admitted.