Political Club Lectures

It is the hope of the Harvard Political Club to continue its work this winter on a broarder scale than in past years. So far as possible meetings will be held every two or three weeks. At about half of these meetings men of a more or less national reputation will speak on some broad phase of political life. These lectures will be open to all members of the University, but the remainder of the meetings will be for members of the Political Club only. At these small meetings it is planned to have someone speak on practical local politics, the purpose being to given men a working knowledge of political machinery. Opportunities will be given men to learn something of politics at first hand by taking active part in the political campaigns. The officers in charge this year are: President, H. M. Gilmore '08; vice-president, H. Channing '08; secretary and treasurer, E. R. Lewis '08.

The first of these general lectures will be held in the living room of the Union on Monday night, at eight o'clock. It will be open to the University at large. Dr. S. C. K. Rutnam, a native of India, will speak on the political conditions existing in his country.

Dr. Rutnam came to the United States to study the political conditions here. He attended, the conference of Religious Liberals and will go, shortly to England with a view to arousing public opinion in favor of granting to the inhabitants of India a voice in their government. He graduated from one of the Indian universities, and received the degree of A. M. at Princeton some years ago.