Trip of Graduate Lacrosse Team to England Postponed

The trip of a Harvard graduate lacrosse team to England, which had been planned for this fall, has had to be postponed because several of the players who had been counted on for the team find it impossible to get away at this time. The plan was to send over about the end of October, when the English lacrosse season begins, a team picked from the best players of recent Harvard teams, for a tour of four weeks through England. The arrangement of a schedule was undertaken by Mr. F. D. Ascoli, president of the Oxford University Lacrosse Club, and matches were arranged with Oxford, Cambridge, and Manchester universities, and with eight of the city clubs in various parts of England. The Harvard team was to be finally picked after a week's practice in New York, beginning October 21. Six of the best players available, who until recently expected to try for the team, are prevented now by various reasons. As many of the English teams are very strong, it would undoubtedly require the best team that could be picked from recent Harvard players to compete with them on even terms, as such a team, however strong in individual players, would be handicapped by lack of team play. It was therefore decided to wait until a thoroughly representative team could be sent.

It is hoped that the plan may be carried through next year if a tour at that time can be arranged with the English clubs. The proposed trip would be in a way a return trip for that of the Cambridge-Oxford team which played Harvard on Soldiers Field in the spring of 1903, and afterwards made an extended trip through the United States and Canada.