Yale Beat Holy Cross 52 to 0

In a one-sided game Saturday at New Haven, the Yale football team overwhelmed Holy Cross, winning by the score of 52 to 0. The game was marked by many open plays and long runs by the Yale backs who bowled over their tacklers in easy fashion. It was no test of Yale's strength, however, for Holy Cross was so weak that even with a team of third string men Yale was able to score almost at will.

The Yale team fumbled considerably, but was fortunate in recovering the ball. The tackling of the Yale men was hard and sure, and the rushing of Coy was conspicuous.

The line-up of the Yale team was as follows: l.e., H. Jones; l.t., Paige; l.g., Brides; c., Cooney; r.g., Goebel; r.t., Biglow; r.e., Burch; q.b., T. Jones; l.h.b., Wylie; r.h.b., Bomar; f.b., Coy.