Most of the First Team Given a Layoff.--Development of Ends.

The University football team was given another easy day yesterday, there being no scrimmage, but merely a light signal practice and some preliminary work. Coach Leary had a squad of ends running down under punts, practicing quick starting and tackling the dummy. The line men were drilled in breaking through and in passing the ball to one another while running. Grant and Nourse, the centres, practiced passing the ball back for punts, aiming at a chalk bulls-eye on the wall of the Stadium. In this work, Nourse seemed to have the better direction and greater speed.

Apollonio, Bird, Butt, Cutting, Fish, Newhall, W. Perice, and Star were given a layoff after Saturday's game. There are no injuries, however, with the exception of Newhall, who has a slight muscle bruise on his thigh.

At present the chief work of the coaches is to pick the two best men for the end positions. Of last year's ends, Kennard has become too heavy to fill that position again and Coach Cuts has been trying him at tackle. Macdonald is a little slow and does not put enough snap into his play. Lameness has handicaped him considerably. Bird, Forster, M. C. Perice, and Houston, the new men out for end, are all about on a par, and the coaches are playing these men alternately in order, to give them all a good test. Browne is another end who should develop with good coaching and experience.

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