Lampoon Reviewed by Prof. Harris

Lampy begins another annual attempt to earn his stipend with the very proper wish that his little harmless fun will offend no one and the knowledge that genial jokes are much better than those that hurt. The Eternal Freshman naturally appears again on every page, setting up housekeeping once more with the help of all the family, reflecting on life in general, introduced to the Dean by Mamma's thoughtful letter. The Office again has the centre of the stage, showing faces old and new. Again we are compelled to loiter By the Way and perhaps to wonder it Lampy in one respect at least might not with advantage break with tradition and give us some cuts in his course on Puns, or hand over that line of work to the department which for the first time offers Arkaeology 1: A History of the Times of Noah.

The drawings are on traditional lines; the artists show a knack at catching faces. The little piece at the end, in appropriate situation, is the best thing in the number.