Appointments by the Corporation

At a meeting of the Corporation on November 11, T. Lyman '97 was appointed Assistant Professor of Physics for five years from September 1, 1907, and at a meeting on November 25, the following were elected members of the Administrative Board of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for 1907-08: J. H. Wright '94, Dean, W. M. Davis '69, E. L. Mark, G. T. Moore, H. W. Smyth, '78, G. L. Kittredge '82, H. Munsterberg, M. Bocher '88, E. F. Gay, J. A. Walz '95, G. P. Baxter '96.

Last Monday the following appointments were made: F. H. Verhoeff '02, Instructor in Ophthalmic Pathology, and M. deW. Hemmeon '03, Austin Teaching Fellow in History for one year from September 1, 1907; S. B. Serviss '02, assistant in Astronomy, from December 1, 1907, for the remainder of the academic year; R. Dexter '01, assistant in Clinical Medicine; N. R. Mason, assistant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and M. E. Peters '03, assistant in Prosthetic Dentistry, for one year from September 1, 1907. The titles of the following officers were changed from assistants to Austin Teaching Fellows: R. H. Lord '06, History; H. S. McDowell '07, Engineering; H. E. Merwin '07, Mineralogy and Petrography; B. M. Varney '07, Physiography and Meteorology; S. Withington '07, Engineering. The resignation of I. O. Bragg, assistant in Astronomy, was accepted, to take effect December 1, 1907, and of W. C. Rice '06, assistant in Government, to take effect September 1, 1907.