Hockey Practice Begins Today

Regular practice for the University and Freshman hockey squads will begin today in the handball courts behind the Gymnasium. The Freshman squad will meet at 2.30 o'clock, and the University squad at 3.30. The work will be elementary, consisting in shooting for the forwards, and practice in stopping the puck for the points and goalkeepers. A short run will be taken after practice. Daily notices as to the time and place for the practice will be posted at Leavitt and Peirce's window for the University squad, and at the Rendezvous for the Freshmen.

In addition to the regular rinks for the University and Freshman squads to be built in the south end of the Stadium, an adjoining rink will be flooded where scrub games can be played. The scrub rink built last year became very popular, and it is hoped that the rink this year will be used extensively.