Final Debate Trials Tomorrow

Coach Rabenold and the six men who are still retained for the University debating team chose yesterday to defend the negative side of the question submitted by Princeton for the annual Harvard-Princeton debate: "Resolved, That the present distribution of power between the federal and state governments is not adapted to modern conditions, and calls for re-adjustment in the direction of further centralization."

The final trial debate to choose the team that will represent the University will be held on this subject in Dane Hall tomorrow night. E. R. Lewis '08, B. M. Nussbaum '08, and E. B. Stern '07 will speak on the affirmative; and J. S. Davis '08, D. Rosenblum '08, and I. L. Sharfman '07 will argue the negative. Each speaker will be allowed twelve minutes to present his case, and five minutes for rebuttal. The Coolidge Prize of $100 for the undergraduate doing the best work in the three trials for the team, will be awarded at the close of the debate tomorrow. The judges will be Professor G. P. Baker '87, Mr. S. Curtis, and Coach E. M. Rabenold '04.

The debate will be open to the University.