Mr. W. H. Mallock's Fourth Lecture

Mr. W. H. Mallock delivered his fourth lecture on "Socialism and the Allied Social and Economic Questions" last night in Emerson Hall. The last lecture will be given tomorrow night at 8 o'clock.

After a cursory review of the ground already covered, Mr. Mallock showed that the statement, made by socialists, that all capitalists are actuated by greed alone in the amassing of wealth was mainly true, but that the very admission of this fact shows how impossible it would be to reduce society to a coercive system. By placing all men on an equal basis and granting no advantages to exceptional ability, such ability would very soon cease to show itself. It has already been shown that the very essential of national wealth is managing ability, and thus, with its withdrawal it would follow that the wealth of the national would be very materially affected.

Society cannot prescribe to men of ability the rewards they shall receive for competence, but must accept the terms imposed by the men themselves. This overthrows a cardinal point in the socialistic creed, which the socialist attempt to argue around.