Proposed Harvard Club of Boston

At the annual meeting of the Class Secretaries' Association last February, the project of a Harvard Club for Boston was discussed and a committee appointed to consider the matter in detail and to submit a report of their recommendations on the matter to the Secretary of the Association. This committee, composed of Thomas P. Beal '69, chairman, Arthur Adams '99 and Roger Ernst '03, have endeavored to ascertain the general sentiment of the graduates on this matter and the feasibility of the plan and will publish their report in the near future.

The lack of any effective sort of organization among the Boston graduates has been the subject of much discussion at various times, and it has been felt that a club similar to the Harvard Club of New York or any of the many Harvard clubs in the West would do much towards keeping alive among the graduates the affairs and interests of the University. Until the report of the committee is submitted, no authoritative statement can be made.