Nominations for Overseers

As a result of the postal ballot, closed on June 4, the following graduates have been nominated for Overseers to fill five vacancies in the board for the full term of six years. The elections will take place in Cambridge on Commencement Day, June 26: R. S. Peabody '66, of Boston; F. Dodge '67, of Belmont; William Lawrence '71, of Cambridge; F. J. Swayze '79, of Newark; W. A. Gaston '80, of Boston; C. G. Washburn '80, of Worcester; G. D. Markham '81, of St. Louis; J. F. Moors '83, of Boston; W. C. Baylies '84, of Taunton; William Endicott, Jr., '87, of Boston.