There seem to be a considerable number of Juniors who are as yet undecided as to whether they will attend the Union dance. Doubtless many of them have good reasons for delaying their decision, but we imagine that more have no good excuse, and are merely waiting because they are unwilling to commit themselves to anything so far in advance. Many of these are men who would naturally be relied upon to support an affair of this sort, and who could do much toward making the dance a success. The time for receiving applications has been extended to Saturday, but even with the added time there will probably be many delinquents. Each individual thinks that one late applicant more or less will make little difference, and as a result the committee will be greatly handicapped in making its arrangements.

The Junior dance is the only class event of a similar nature during the year. It has proved a success in past years, and each class should feel a certain pride in giving a better dance than its predecessors. In order to attain this end, the men who are already overburdened with dances must do their part as well as the less socially inclined, for anything which is so essentially a class affair must be generally supported by the class.