It is a great satisfaction to the large majority of us who believe in Senior class dormitories, and to those who favor a general segregation of all the classes, to learn that the Senior dormitory allotment is now on a sounder basis than ever before. Never since the class of 1905 first secured the special Senior privilege have all the rooms in. Holworthy, Stoughton and Hollis been available to incoming Seniors.

It now resis with the present Junior class to decide whether the class--the fundamental basis of all our life here, socially, politically, and athletically--or the "university," as such, is to be supreme. In case all the rooms are not filled, we have every reason to expect that no class dormitory privileges will be granted in the future. If the Juniors care for an increase in class unity, the three buildings will be more than filled, making it necessary in the end to provide enough room for every member of future Senior classes.

It is not solely a matter of theory, however. The Seniors who have already gathered in the Yard for their last year have found it the pleasantest feature of the college course, and there is reason to believe that many who failed to apply have regretted it when it was too late.