Cups and Medals for Lacrosse Team

At a meeting of the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse League, held in New York, Harvard was awarded the official championship of the northern division, the other members of which are Columbia, Cornell and Hobart. The University was represented at the meeting by Captain A. H. Cochrane '09. The team will receive a silver cup to be placed in the Trophy Room of the Union, and medals will be awarded to the following men who played in the league games: F. C. Alexander '10, D. L. Cable '08, A. H. Cochrane '09, G. K. Downer '10, C. L. Furber '08, H. Goepper '09, S. S. Sheip '09, R. H. Smith '09, W. H. Thompson '09, B. M. Vance '08 and E. V. Wentworth '09.

The prospects for a successful season this year are encouraging, as 10 members of last year's team are eligible.