Football Ushers Appointed for Year

The following men have been appointed football ushers for the rest of the year. Men marked A stand at bottom of steps, men marked B at 1st entrance, and men marked C at the upper entrance. Men should be at their places at 3 sharp. The assistant head ushers will distribute the badges to the ushers at their places

Reserved seat side: in charge, H. G. de Fritsch; section 1-G. W. C. Braithwaite B, J. E. Cates A, S. P. Holland C; section 2-W. R. Butler, Jr., C, H. E. Colson A, L. B. Coombs B; section 3-C. A. Copper B, L. A. Doggett A, W. W. Gardner C; section 4-W. H. Emens A, M. L. Garfield C, W. T. Pickering B; section 5-A. T. Good A, D. F. Lynch C, H. E. Porter B; section 6-J. C. Jones, Jr., C, A. Lewis A, C. C. Webster B; section 7-E. S. Allen B, H. G. Messerve A, R. C. Parker C; section 8-C. Hemenway B, W. M. Shipman C, R. W. Smyth A; section 9-C. D. Britten C, R. W. Follett B, S. G. Rich A; section 10-C. I. Barnard C, S. Burnham B, S. L. Milton A; section 11-D. T. Curtin B, H. W. O'Connor C, F. A, Shaw A.

Season ticket side: in charge, A. P. Loring and R. M. Middlemass; section 26-E. N. Davis C, J. A. McLaughlin A, H. R. Rafsky B; section 27-E. Maltrier A, E. H. Ruch C, G. F. Williams B; section 28-F. C. Alexander B, B. O. Lewis A, L. R. Ripley-C; section 29-A. Beane A, J. F. Day C, R. W. Gordon B; section 30-W. F. Hall A, R. Munroe B, S. L. Wolfson C; section 31-W. R. Ohler A, L. B. Packard B, R. C. Staebner C; section 32-J. A. Butler A, H. A. Mundo C, S. C. Whipple B; section 33-E. Morgan C, H. R. Rafsky A, Van Rensollaer B; section 34-C. A. Fitzgerald, C, W. R. Morrison A, J. B. Worcester B; Section 35-G. Rivera A, P. Tappan B, H. Pillsbury C; section 36-G. T. Baker C, C. A. Fitzgerald A, F. F. Parker B.