Political Club Phonograph Night

The Political Club will hold an important meeting in the Assembly and Committee Rooms of the Union this evening at 8 o'clock; directly after the meeting to ratify the Union constitution. There will be phonograph speeches by Taft and Bryan, and President Roelker who will wind up the phonograph, will outline the Political Club's work during the coming campaign. Taft's speeches which will be recited are, "The Effect of the Proposed Jury Trial in Contempt Cases," "Postal Savings Banks," "What Constitutes an Unlawful Trust," and "The Functions of the Next Administration." The Bryan speeches will be, "The Trust Question," "The Publication of Campaign Contributions," "The Labor Question," and "The Guarantee of Bank Deposits."

All members of the University are cordially invited to be present, and, as this is the first meeting of the year, an opportunity will be given for men wishing to join the club to enroll