Minnesota Harvard Club Scholarship

The Harvard Club of Minnesota has decided to make an annual appropriation from which a scholarship of $250 will be given each year to a member of the Freshman class. It will be assigned by preference to a graduate of the public schools of St. Paul or Minneapolis, but men from other parts of the state will also be eligible. The scholarship will be awarded for the first time in the fall of 1909. This form of gift to the University has been very popular among the alumni clubs since 1906, when the first scholarship was founded by the Harvard Club of Cleveland. Since that time endowments of this kind have been made by the Harvard Clubs of St. Louis, Lowell, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Nebraska. Most of them are awarded by the terms of the gift to men in the Freshman class, and in the first instance to those from the city or state in whose name the scholarship stands. As a means of meeting the competition of state universities and other institutions where the cost of living is less than in Cambridge, the scholarships are a very effectual aid.