Progress of Scrub Basketball

During the past week, six games have been played in the preliminary series of scrub basketball. Two more still remain to be played, besides the second half of the game between the Thirty-fivers and Florodoras, postponed to tomorrow from last Thursday. Saturday, the Little Cherubs defeated the Tessies, 17 to 11, and the Stickers won from the Kemics, 6 points to 4.

This afternoon, the Ramblers will play the Hot Dogs at 4 o'clock; and this evening at 8 o'clock, the Foxes will play the Shots.

The summary of the week's games is as follows: Straphangers defeated A-Pluses, 14 to 3; Benders defeated Perootes, 16 to 9; Thirty-fivers vs. Florodoras, second half still to be played; Legalities defeated Northayers, 27 to 5; Little Cherubs defeated Tessies, 17 to 11; and Stickers defeated Kemics, 6 to 4.