Joint Gymnastic Exhibition With Hyde Park Y. M. C. A.

The University gymnastic team will give a joint exhibition at the Hyde Park Y. M. C. A. gymnasium this evening at 8 o'clock with the team representing that gymnasium.

'The University entries are as follows: Horizontal bar--G. S. Taylor '08, J. Tyng '08.

Parallel bars--G. S. Taylor '08, J. Tyng '08, E. G. Schauroth '10.

Side horse--J. Tyng '08, E. L. Souder '10.

Flying rings--G. S. Taylor '08, J. C. Wister '09, E. L. Souder '10.

Club swinging--W. C. Bennett '08, E. G. Curtiss '09.

Single tumbling--W. C. Bennett '08, J. Tyng '08.