Preliminary Scrub Fencing Bouts

The preliminary bouts of the scrub team fencing tournament were held under the auspices of the Fencers' Club in the fencing room of the Gymnasium yesterday afternoon. The remaining 16 bouts necessary to complete the round robin between the three teams will be held tomorrow afternoon at the same time and place.

In yesterday's series team A (H. A. Erhard '09, C. M. Baker '10, W. Hunt '11), won 8 bouts: team B. (B. M. Nussbaum '08, W. G. Webber '09, S. A. Beggs '10), won J. bout; and team C (L. Barroll '09, J. A. MacLaughlin '11, R. R. Langer '11), won 2 bouts.