Six Men Retained for Yale Debate

As a result of the second trials last night for the University debating team to oppose Yale on May 1, the following six men were retained: J. S. Davis '08, G. C. Good '09, T. M. Gregory '10, S. H. Hurwitz 1G., I. K. Lewis '09 and S. F. Peavey 2L. The final trials will be held on Friday night, when these six men will take part in a regular debate. The positions will be assigned by lot and the men allowed twelve minutes for presentation and five minutes for rebuttal.

At a meeting held after the trials it was decided to take the affirmative in the question, "Resolved, That it will be for the best interests of Cuba that the United States, before the end of the next two years, cease to have any part in the government of that island, reserving only those rights included in the Platt Amendment," and a telegram was sent Yale to that effect.

The team is very fortunate in having Mr. A. P. Stone '93 as coach this year. Mr. Stone has an enviable record as a debater. As a member of the debating team he never lost a debate and since his graduation he has coached several University teams, all of which have won.