Members of Lacrosse Squad

As a result of the interclass lacrosse games, the following 29 men have been taken onto the University squad: F. C. Alexander '10, D. C. Allen '10, W. M. Bird '08, D. L. Cobb '09, A. H. Cochrane '09, L. D. Cox '08, R. G. Crandall '09, L. O. Cummings '10, E. S. Currie '09, G. K. Downer '10, H. R. Eisner '09, M. G. Estabrook '09, C. L. Furber '08, H. Goepper '09, F. C. Haymond '10, J. S. Irvin '08, L. T. Judd '10, P. L. Mueller '08, E. Pratt '09, R. G. Rand '10, G. G. Sampson '10, S. S. Sheip '09, R. P. Smith '10, S. Smith '09, R. W. Smyth '09, W. H. Thompson '09, B. M. Vance '08, H. O. Wellman '08 and E. T. Wentworth '09. A training table has been started at Memorial Hall with the following 11 men: Alexander, Cobb, Cochrane, Cox, Crandall, Currie, Furber, Irvin, Sheip, Vance and Wellman.

The team will play four games during the Easter vacation this year. On Friday, April 17, they will leave for Baltimore, and play Johns Hopkins University on Saturday. Practice will be held on the grounds of the Mt. Washington Club until Tuesday, when the team will leave for South Bethlehem, Pa., where they will play Lehigh on Wednesday. The next day they will play Annapolis at Annapolis and will return to New York in time to play Stevens on Saturday.