Seven Men in Carroll Cup Race

H. W. Bissell 2L. won the Carroll Cup race on Saturday in 7 minutes, 48 and 3-5 seconds. The race was rowed with a favoring wind and tide over the mile course from just below Harvard Bridge, upstream, to the Longwood Bridge. Bissell took the lead at the start and held it easily to the end, finishing 3 lengths ahead of J. W. Hall '11. J. B. Chevalier 1G. was third. F. M. Rackemann '09, who finished fourth, spoiled his chances by running into the buttress of the bridge near the start. He rowed a splendid uphill race, however, and pushed Chevalier for third place. The other starters were S. Royce '10, R. G. Haines '09 and M. A. Driscoll 1L.